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Tips and Tricks Full Moon Party

Must knows about the Full Moon Party

At a party with up to 30.000 people there is bound to be some trouble. Not everyone is going to have a good time. Most of the times this is because not everyone learns the basics before they go to the Full Moon Party. So here are some things to know before going to the Full Moon Party:


Dont think you can arrive a day before the party and still get a room on the island. Most travellers book their stay at least a week before party or even  earlier. You also need to take into account that you will have to book your accommodation for at least 4 or 5 nights. On the night of the party make sure your valuables are carefully locked away because the Full Moon Party is a big night for break-ins.


We all know the old booze helps making a party an epic party, but it does impair your judgement. Things you need to take into account when you're going to drink heavily (and lets face it, you are going to do that) .

Drink and drive. On Koh Phangan the are thousands of alcohol related accidents. Mostly because tourist go and drive on their rented motorcycles after drinking a couple of buckets. You probably think: 'Í'm a great driver. That's not going to happen to me', but guess what, that's what the people driving around with bandages all over their arms and legs thought.

Don't go swimming. You're probably not a good swimmer when you are sober so go don't swimming when you are wasted. But is you really wanna go swimming on the beach of Haad Rin, think of all the people who pee in the sea during the party.

Don't share a bucket with someone you don't know. You can never be sure what is in them.

If you really want to pass out, then do so in one of the designated 'sleeping area's'


Just like eveywhere else drugs are not legal. Possesion and use of drugs are punished with five figure fines and jail sentences. The law in Thailand the death penalty for carrying category one drugs like heroin. So give it a second thought when somebody offers you drugs. Don't risk it!

Other tips

  • Watch out for glass and burning cigarettes on the beach. Broken beer bottles can give you a nasty cut. To be save wear protective footwear.
  • Try not to bring a bag or a purse and keep your money on you at all time.
  • Check on your friends regularly and dont go home alone.
  • Don't accept any consumables from strangers, you never know who you can trust.
  • If you want to fit in: paint your body with fluorescent paint.
  • Be sure to eat a good meal before you go. That is if you want to be the least bit alive in the morning