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The Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party 

History Full Moon Party

It is said the Full Moon Party originates from a little get together by a small group of backpackers in 1985. They wanted to celebrate the biggest and most beautiful full moon they had ever seen. Never knowing 25 years later it would be the most famous beach party in the world!

Today it attracts about 20.000 party people each month. They party until the sun comes up on the beaches of Haad Rin and every cocktail bucket is empty! For some tourists the Full Moon Party is their initial goal of their journey to South East Asia.

About the Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is held, of course, every full moon on the beach of Haad Rin. It is considered to be to ultimate party experience in Thailand, maybe even te world. Every month when the moon is at its biggest over 20.000 people come to Sunrise Beach and party until dawn. 

Dj’s from all over the world play all kinds of music. Whereas you can dance to the beats of House or Techno on one part of the beach, if you walk a couple of yards you’ll be surrounded by Hip Hop and Reggae. This shows how divers the Full Moon party is. People from all the corners of the world come together at the ultimate party experience in the world.

Prepare yourself for a long night filled with loud music, the full moon, liquor buckets and party people!