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Half Moon Party

Half Moon Party schedule dates

The past couple of years the Half Moon Party on Koh Phangan has gained a lot of populairity. It is held every week before and every week after the Full Moon Party when you only see half the moon, but that's no suprise.

January 4th and 18th
February 2nd and 16th
March 4th and 19th
April 3rd and 19th

May 3rd, 18th and 31st
June 15th and 30th
July 15th and 31th
August 14th and 29th
September 13rd and 27th
October 11st and 27th
November 9th and 25th
December 9th and 24th


January 8th and 24th
February 7th and 22nd
March 8th and 24th
April 7th and 22nd
May 7th and 21st
June 6th, 20th
July 5th and, 19th
August 4th and 16th
September 2rd and 16th
October 1st, 15th and 31st
November 14th and 29th
December 14th and 27th

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